I signed up but didn't get an activation e-mail. What should I do?


Please check your spam folder. If it isn't there, send a message to adbx@lakebasin.org


When I visit the Register or Login pages, my browser warns me that the connection is not secure. What should I do?


We have not yet configured an SSL certificate to allow for https access. Therefore, some browsers offer warnings about entering passwords over less-secure http connections. We recommend you use a password that is unique to this ADBx site.


When registering a new e-mail, I get the following error. What should I do? THE FOLLOWING ERRORS OCCURRED WHILE PROCESSING YOUR REGISTRATION. It looks like your_email@example.com belongs to an existing account. Try again with a different email address.


If you have already registered once and forgotten your e-mail, then please click Forgot Password on the Login page. Please note that each student needs to register with a unique e-mail, i.e. a single e-mail cannot be used for more than one account.

For any other questions, feel free to contact us at adbx@lakebasin.org